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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mirror - Poem

You are smiling sheepishly.
The mirror shows you...
How cunning you are looking.
With motives concealed by actions.

You are dancing in a group,
The mirror shows you...
that it's just you. alone.
sitting with your head down.

You are speaking slowly,
The mirror shows you..
you are short of words.
the calm is a pretence.

This mirror can be anyone..
a mother.. a friend..
a diary.. a blog..
or just a mirror.

but in our lives, all of us
have that mirror.
we may not look at it.
but it is looking at us.
-Aaditya Joshi


  1. good post man.
    nnicce comparison of mirror and friends

  2. ya Aadi, It is very true that we have mirror rather say many mirrors in our life. Our own thoughts, work, attitude, language ... each one of them is also a mirror reflecting us, our personality, and kind of person residing within us.