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Thursday, September 18, 2008

At the coffee shop

Disclaimer: Not totally fictitious.

He sat on the huge couch with his hands on his lap - he was very conscious. This was because SHE was around - sitting across the table, dressed in a starched white shirt and trousers, looking as cute as ever.

It was some time ago that Jagdish reached the airport when he realized that the flight was delayed. He had to get back home by that evening - he could not miss Ganpati at home. Calls kept coming from home, he was answering them one after the other. As he ended the sixth call, he saw her- Manasvi.

He was friends with her for nearly three months now. Manasvi was a friendly girl - the kinds who get along with everyone, who are always surrounded by a group of friends. Every time she laughed, his heart would miss a beat. She had pulled his cheek playfully once, he could not stop blushing all day. She worked in the same office as him - and she was among the few reasons why he was still working for the company, staying far away from his family. He loved those late nights of playing cards - eight of them would go on almost all night. She was the life of these games, she would make the maximum noise and hence, generate complete entertainment for everyone who was playing.

To him, Manasvi was the girl of his dreams, the girl he wanted to be with. He, for that matter, knew that he would never be able to tell her all this.

That's exactly where the awkwardness at the coffee shop came from. She was going to board the same flight - now she had to wait for some time too. She suggested that they go to the coffee shop in the premises. Here he was. This was the first time he was sitting with her - only her. She was animatedly describing how she once surprised a friend on her birthday - he kept staring at her.

"Isn't that funny?!", Manasvi asked.
"Yes it is..", he said. He had no clue what she had said till now.

He did not know what was funny. He was still laughing and smiling for the rest of the evening...

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