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Friday, September 19, 2008

Understanding AI - Imagination and Reasoning

Credit: The basic idea of imagination and reasoning rises from a guest lecture by Ms. Gagan Deep Kaur, Research scholar, IIT Bombay.

Imagination is a human's capacity to visualize objects, situations, people. Imagination is not just one's dreams. Imagination is creativity, the source and the goal of creativity.

Reasoning is a human's ability to base one's opinion on one's past knowledge.

What is better? What is more intelligent? What gives rise to creativity? Imagination or reasoning?

Imagination is the molten brass that flows into the cast of reasoning to make a masterpiece.

Imagination is the content of the statue, reasoning is its shape.

Colours thrown on paper is imagination, the fact that they take the form of a horse is reasoning.

Imagination and reasoning are both sources of creativity. And its goal too. Imagination and reasoning are both based on intelligence. And its reason too.

1 comment:

  1. well written aadi....esp
    "Imagination is the content of the statue, reasoning is its shape"

    Though i feel imagnation crosses barriers which surpasses human laws while reasoning tries to surpass laws to meet its goal....in a way both are two sides of the same coin.......though i am more towards the reasoning part because i believe every thought or creation in the world should be tangible :)