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Friday, September 05, 2008

'Mumbai Meri Jaan' - Movie Review

Director Nishikant Kamat's first Hindi film 'Mumbai Meri jaan' takes us through the Mumbai of today. It brings before us a story of dejection, fear, opulence, socio-economic diversity - all very much a part of the metropolis. The tragic numbness that one experiences in the characters gets pronounced in the silent remembrance in the climax.

Nishikant's first movie was the Marathi film 'Dombivli fast' - in my opinion, too much of an in-your-face reality-check movie. The climax was extremely tragic, rather depressing. Frankly. The movie ended with the image of a dead rat and flies hovering over - it was very disturbing.

'Mumbai meri jaan', on the other hand, entertains as well as makes its point. The characters are so beautifully etched out - and so Mumbai, that you can very well relate to them. The performances by all the actors are absolutely amazing. 

Nishikant Kamat and the entire team has done a marvellous job.

 A must-watch!! Loved, loved, loved the film!


  1. Adi, i have a different point of view on the movie. I felt that the director was lost midst the many situations that he wanted to depict.

  2. very proper... i too liked the movie and i'm a die hard Nishikant Kamath fan .. just love the innovative use of his camera