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Sunday, September 14, 2008

God is with us!

Acknowledgment: Aham, my blog friend. The idea originates completely from some pictures he has put up in his blog. The expression, like all the blogposts, is, however, original. You can read Aham's blog at : www.wordlyworld.blogspot.com

It's the last day of Anant Chaturdashi today. Many of us have screamed our lungs out all of this evening. We have all shouted "Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa!" (Come soon next year)

Do not worry - God will not let us down. In fact, he has not gone at all. He is still with us. Lying on the beaches and at the shores of the lakes where we have immersed him this evening.

The parts of his idol have come back to the shores with the waves - they were just too huge. Many other parts will disintegrate at the floor of the water body causing severe harm to the flora and fauna.

Don't you see his broken hand holding the Parashu (the battle-axe) that will empower you in the battles of your life? Yes, the hand is lying there in sand with layers of half-broken, wet garlands over it.

I see God's head - the Elephant head with one ear cracked resting horizontally in a corner - as if he is sleeping silently. 

Do not be sad, bhakt-jan that your favourite deity and your favourite festival has gone by. Thanks to the harmful materials you used during manufacture and the negligence you showed during the immersion, God is still with us! Broken, tired, forgotten.

1 comment:

  1. Firstly Aditya, thanks for the acknowledgment. We live in an era where plagiarism is rampant. And you are a welcome change. :-)

    Yes, god is with us. and he is blessing us. why wouldnt he, we have done so much for him.

    ...Drank behind the pandals... played sexy songs... and entertained him when he was around... so much so, that he comes back to us the moment we desert him . so what if he is in bits and pieces, aaditya.He is god.

    We will welcome him and we will see to it that he receives a ceremonious welcome and see off next year too. We will manage to acquire him and then drown him with all our love and shraddha.

    fishes die, fishermen die... ohh thats Law of Nature sweety. how can we stop a pratha thats been happening for ages. right.

    Anyways, i believe the fisherfolk and nature have a different god. Harsh it may sound, but if one tried empathizing with the fishes or those inflicted , ganpati is the devil in disguise.

    I dare to utter it withought minsng words...
    Humans Rejoice. You have made God the Devil.