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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hoping it would rain

Disclaimer: Fictitious, fictitious, fictitious.

He adjusted his hair with his fingers. He had worn his best shirt today. His aunt had got it for him from Canada. He wore it only on special occasions - college presentations, wedding functions and today. He was carrying a black three-fold umbrella in his hand that he kept swaying out of sheer nervousness.

She was standing with her hands folded. A white leather purse hung from her shoulder. She wore danglers that extended right upto her shoulders. She saw him coming, the joy in her heart condensed into a smile on her face.

He paced up as they came face to face. "Hi, I am sorry", he said.
"For not keeping in touch while I was away."
"Oh come on, I didn't stay in touch too."
".....can we walk?!"

He could not almost get his eyes off hers. She had round, reddish brown eyes - the colour that almost blended with her rosy pink face. When she smiled, her lips hardly stretched to the sides - but her face glowed when she did. This glow would enchant him.

"Watch out! This is the third time!", she said pointing to the puddle he had just stepped into. He soon realized that his trousers were now drenched in mud below the knees.

"Aah", he felt miserable. He so hated the rains. The muddy roads, the soggy clothes, the umbrellas - he hated them. "I hate rains...", he said.

"Oh ya, I hate them too. To add to it, I forgot my umbrella at home...", she replied. 

He held his umbrella tighter. He wished clouds would fill the sky at that very moment. He was hoping it would rain. He was hoping he would get to walk under the umbrella with her. 

It did. The clouds arrived and they exploded into droplets that drenched both of them. They continued to walk under the umbrella.. drenched. Totally consumed.

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