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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glassy white crab

The mother crab had her fangs (Cheliped, the more scientific term) jetting out of the hole for almost three days. She was in labour.

One fine day, a tiny little thing emerged from the hole walking perfectly like a full-grown crab. It was totally white, unlike his mother who had a brown crustaceous appearance. The baby crab had a glassy white shell - almost like a tiny glob of inflated chewing gum, or like a tiny bulb.

The baby crab walked in from one hole where his mother was to another, an empty one perhaps.

The glassy appearance has vanished, yellowish-brown shell and brown fangs are what it carries now. The baby crab is now growing up...


This is what growth does to humans too.

They may not be born with a white shell, but they are certainly born with a glassily transparent mind. Growing up hardens the shell of the crab, makes it brown and tough. It looses the natural form it had during birth. Humans also loose the innocence they had as a child as they grow up...

Does Nature reaffirm its strength through laws like these?

The picture has been taken by me.

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