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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jana gana mana voted the best national anthem

So many blogs today have the news of the Indian national anthem being declared as the world's best by UNESCO. While I spent twenty minutes searching the official UNESCO website, I did not find any announcement there. So the whole issue was made up, eh?

Assuming it WASN'T, these are the thoughts that came to me:

One, what is the 'best' national anthem? Isn't it like saying my mom is the best mom in the world?! There can certainly be no specific criterion to determine that - unless we have a reality show were people send messages to vote for the 'best' national anthem. (As a side-note, it's often the 'favourite' that wins and not the 'best' at reality shows like these)

Two, what would the old news of 'national-anthem-was-written-for-the-british-viceroy-or-someone' say now? The news said that the Indian national anthem was a hymn in the praise of the British Raj and not the country. The anthems of countries throughout the word have been addressed to 'Ladies' and 'Queens'. I do not know what the truth is - whether Jana Gana mana was actually written with the intention that these rumours mention. The fact is, however, I don't care.

A national anthem is a self-identifying anthem of a country, a composition that makes me feel like a part of my country. Jana gana mana does.

Best anthem or no best anthem, written for British viceroy or not- being an Indian, Jana gana mana invokes in me the feeling of pride.

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