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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The wild flower

Resting my hands against my waist, I looked around. I had a bird's eye-view of IIT Mumbai. There were buildings and there was greenery. There were trees huddled up together like a cluster of green clouds.

Very close to my feet was a tiny wild flower. It was as tall my thumb. It had a thin green stem that broke into round yellow petals and three strands from the centre that bore the pollen. It was small yet firmly rooted. It would not move a bit in the strong breeze.

As I gently placed my finger over the flower, I felt it was wet. I experienced a feeling of having met someone.

I do not know what the flower was called - I do not even know if it was called anything for it was just a flower on the top of a hill. But I knew for sure that something connected us. Me and the flower, irrespective of the physical size were together experiencing a common miracle. The miracle called life. We both were alive.

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