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Saturday, August 09, 2008

3 Idiots

3 idiots! I have two reasons for being anxious about this film. One - Rajkumar Hirani whose first two films I loved - which did not really have the fake KaranJoharish opulence and were entertaining at the same time. He introduced a new terminology in both of his films and the way he did it was quite interesting.

The second reason is that the movie is based on 'Five point someone' - a book that I finished reading in one go! 

I found this picture online - searched for '3 idiots' and read a synopsis that spoke about Aamir Khan as Ryan. Throughout the article, Aamir Khan occupied the centre of attraction which was a bit unnerving. Ryan is not the central character at all. Hari (played by Madhavan according to the article) is. I hope the 'starry image' of Aamir Khan doesn't overshadow the story.

Looking forward to finding out whether the spirit of the book is captured in this movie...

(Trivia: Kareena Kapoor plays Neha while Sharman Joshi plays Alok.)

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