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Monday, August 04, 2008


The earth completes a revolution around the sun in a little more than 365 days.

Revolutions that civilizations have witnessed stem from a force of certain kind as well. There have been social, religious and technological reform movements throughout the world that turned the world around (the way the earth does when it is completing its revolution.) The human race believes to have taken a magnificient leap with the rise in communication technologies. There has been social transformation at different levels too.

The point to note is that after the earth completes a revolution, it comes back to the same position - in a different orientation, however. The earth is now looking in a direction slightly different from how it started. The earth, however, does not change its trajectory - the path it had been going round and round in.

Revolutions that humans have brought about change the directions, the orientation with which they look at things around them. Sadly, however, humans have changed their trajectory too. The trajectory every species was expected to follow was 'survival'. The humans have entered a new orbit of 'dominance' along with survival.

What humans think revolution is, is not revolution at all.

1 comment:

  1. Many thinkers label this process
    as "evolution"!
    To me,it is a game of words.