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Monday, August 18, 2008

A child again

He held the handle of the bicycle by the rubber-clad edge - the handle shook as he thought he had lost his balance. He held onto the handle and placed his leg sideways. He pushed himself upwards to the seat. Things looked higher from here.

He pedalled. The cycle shook. He pedalled. The cycle was moving smoothly. He kept pedalling as the cycle cut through the air at a zooming speed. He could feel his lungs inflated with the same air. He felt a gush of excitement.

He was smiling like never before. He had become a child again. It was after two decades that he had ridden a bicycle...


Some little things are left back as the memories of childhood. It is good to revive and relive them once in a while.

Remember a habit of yours as a child? Frog-jumping? Dressing up like a princess? Playing in the mud during the rains? Try it once again. Maybe not in the same magnitude.

But try it. It will make your day...


  1. One can memorise tri-cycling,making paper-boats,soap-water bubbling,skipping rope...much more!But trial...?
    Revisits are possible....listen,
    "Kaagajki kashti..."by Jagjit
    or read "Sharada Sangeet"by Prakash Narayan Sant.

  2. U R Right.we tried the paper boats thing earlier this year and it does light up the day