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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Understanding AI - Series 01

Knowledge is open to interpretation - knowledge, in fact, is a product of interpretation. Knowledge emerges. But not from nowhere. It exists - but it emerges - whenever it does.

Artificial Intelligence induces this intelligence - the ability to grasp AND produce knowledge into computers. It enables a computer to play a game of chess against a human. It enables a web-application personalize the user's webpage automatically. It enables a system to understand spoken words, translate words, transliterate words.

Artificial Intelligence is intriguing. Because intelligence itself is.

I would like to explore Artificial Intelligence more as I parallely would understand the meaning of intelligence itself.

Next post: Does speed of computing kill the need for intelligence?


  1. I am really confused...
    To me,knowledge means information,memory..
    Intelligence is something else...which I am not able to interpret.
    I may be wrong..please correct me.
    Waiting for your next post..

  2. intelligence is really intriguing. it is interesting to know that same person interprets differently in different situations and at different time.

    it is also interesting to see how different people interpret same data differently at any given point of time.

    also, it WILL be interesting to see how AI, which is programmed by different people, interprets a data.

    Aditya, if u get any clue please tell me. Keep writing.