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Thursday, August 21, 2008


The baby is wrapped in a soft blue sheet with embroidered flowers on it. It is playing in its cradle stretching its arms out to you. You smile, the baby giggles. The baby does not know your name, does not know who you are. It does not understand what you are saying to it. It giggles, holds your finger with both its hands, throws its legs up in the air.


The boy is standing with his hands folded. He is wearing a t-shirt which is twice his size. The mother is scolding him for staying out late. There is a clear tone of concern and helplessness in the mother's voice. The boy smirks with a 'i-dont-give-a-damn' expression.


As a child, we don't mind smiling at a stranger. As we grow up, we are unable to give joy to the people who actually care for us.

Is this what growth, exposure, success does to us?

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