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Sunday, August 03, 2008

An electric Personality

Some people are born attractive. It's not (just) about the way they look but about the eyeballs they grab each time they enter the room. They are the ones who do not have problems talking to strangers while on a train - they end up becoming friends with some of them. They are the ones at the centre of the dance floor at a party even if they are not at the physical centre of the dance floor.

They are the ones cracking jokes charming the women wherever they go. They are the ones who the waiters at the restaurant go to first to take the order even if there are six others seated at the table. They befriend the taxi drivers, the salesmen at malls, the pizza delivery men, the chemists - there is something magnetically electric ('electromagnetic' ?! ) about these people.

Their electric personalities help them outshine others wherever they go in public. And that's perhaps why they have sparks flying all over!!!

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