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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Death of a Tree

Disclaimer: An original expression of a first-hand experience

The wind blew hard as fiercely - shaped grey clouds filled the sky. When the tree saw that it had gone exceptionally dark that evening, it shivered with fright. There were droplets of water moving down its trunk - the tree was visibly scared of the sparks of rain that fell on it. The tree held tighter to its roots but the bonds with the Mother Earth were loosening up now.

It took no time for a branch - nearly an arm of the tree to break down when a lightening struck. The branch broke and a rustling sound topped the sound of the rain as the branch burnt down. A group of squirrels that were hiding inside the tree till now ran out only to find marshy swamps outside the tree.

The tree kept watching with fear in its eyes what was about to come. The winds kept blowing harder as the tree finally gave in. It let go of the roots it was holding on to. The atleast thirty feet tall tree collapsed to the ground. There was a loud thud that filled the air - the rodents all around ran helter-skelter.

In a minute, one could hear only the rain. Its branches were frail. The dried leaves got plucked off them. There were dried leaves floating on the top of the marshes. The squirrels ran up and down the trunk to find out if it was still alive.

But the tree lay calm on the earth, its roots uprooted and a glob of soil corroded, the branches dismay and the tree lifeless. The tree was dead...

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