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Friday, August 08, 2008

Washing dirty linen

Aah! Now that I'm at a hostel - and that I washed my clothes on my own for the first time in my life only last week, dirty linen isn't a new sight for me. Washing dirty linen in public has never been something unfamiliar anyways.

Film actresses scratching each other in cat-fights on TV shows, actors criticizing (read : 'bitching about one another') the more popular ones on blogs. Or on a more personal level, people (read: 'ex-friends')  giving vent to their misunderstandings in public.

Sadly, the general tendency is often something like this - if I don't like someone, I have to hate him. And if I hate him, I need to say bad things about him. And I would not leave any stone unturned to look down upon him or spit venom in public. In other (simpler, meaner) words, I would gossip/bitch about that person... And hey, we all love to be an audience to all this too.

Physical 'clothes' need to be washed. But one can do away with the linen of discontent, ill-feelings that we grow for someone. Don't wash this dirty linen in public. Throw it away. And that is because washing dirty linen in this way will only give muddy water. 

The point to be noted, milord, is that the gossip mongers thrive on this muddy water itself. They love to play here. And we know which animal loves to jump around in mud, don't we?!


  1. Too good .. :) and very true!

  2. the comments are moderated
    take this as a special case then.

    therz another state betwn LIKE and NOT LIKE..........the WASTED state

    at 1:02 in the night/morning you hav no better thing to do than rite this post.aT 1:02am this....you must be so high/guilty.

    - IN PUBLIC !!!!!!!! does that ring any bells.....(still no then try to co-relate the italic parts combined with the meaning of the bold part)...........lol
    read ur blog again & rethink the so called GAME/PLAY/VENT/VENOM/MUD/wat other crap u hv written.

    ur blog read (read: 'ex-friends')?

    and last but not least u forgot to mention about CooKiNG uP sHiT for others.

    here r some TAGS for this blogpost
    consensus , ego , guilt , not so funny .............u think

    i dont rem where i read the foll.....
    "You cannot whiten yourself by blackening others" variation
    "Whitewashing yourself by blackening others leads to no good"

    disclaimer:if u see any questoin marks(?) they are not supposed to be answered(not in public..lol/anywhere they r just for u) so end it here

    cudnt stop laughing at ur posts ,the few that i read......
    where did it come from

    obviously pay no heed to this
    dude ......its still ME ME ME I I I [asin You ,u get it....coz I dont think so]........lol

    wasted DOT PERIOD

  3. :) Amazed at the readership of my blog.

  4. surprised not amazed to c my comment up.

    @readership:Crap attracts in the start[like for instacne this post]

    dint knw u started in '07

    and its obvious that i was told abt this crap post..if its not nothing much anyone can do....or can they?

    i dnt knw if its childish or wat to be,at this now .........giving animal names to ppl[lesser humans]?

    someone or anyone has anything to add.........feels like i am the only one who read this blog?

    also can yOu tell me wats so........so too good abt this post[seems like to read abt it,for the first time ever].not YOU

    ur visitors will return[hope so]....and increase[hope too] readership....coz of this crap....good good

    disclaimer:if u see any questoin marks(?) they are not supposed to be answered(not in public..lol/anywhere they r just for wasting time,irrespective of linen/satin/cotton/other mat. clothes)

    and my english is good....its just that i like to not rite it properly.......wenever 'm givin a chance.......and others get the msg[ i think ] ......for fun.......lol

    wasted PERIOD DOT.

  5. I would say... you had chance to CLEAN (not wash) this linen together..(not in public) and very easily you let this chance go..
    i still dont know y.

    anyways i read your blogs..