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Thursday, August 07, 2008

At the dinner table

When the family sits at the dinner table, they are a family. The man is not the manager of his company, the lady is not the executive. The children are just children. When the family sits at the dinner table, they are father, mother and kids.

As they have dinner together, they pass around plates, bottles of pickle and help each other with servings of food. The kids describe in an animated manner the day at school; plans for the weekend are made. Stories of the family - the happy as well as the troubled times are shared.

More than anything else, the laughter that emerges from the chairs here is real. The 'how-are-you's are not polite questions. The concern, the anger is heartfelt. It is the place where several busy people living under the same roof meet again. It is the place where the kids feel the warmth of a family. It is the place where the family learns, decides and develops the willingness to stick together.

The dinner table, according to me, is the perfect metaphor for the modern-day nuclear families.

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