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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

These parents

They are parents like any other parents. They take care of their children and look after them to the best of their capability. They are different. They are the single parents of the world. They are single - they live without their spouse and they are parents - they raise the little child who looks up to them and smiles.

These are the men and women who truly value the child that depends on them. Solely on them. And in a way, they depend on the child too.

They are the fathers who wake up early in the morning, get ready, make breakfast and wake up the child, get him dressed and drop him to school.

They are the mothers who come home in crowded buses with a chocolate in their purse - just because she was late to pick her child up from the creche.

They are the parents who walk down the road holding the child's hand. You cannot make out whether the child is holding their hand - or whether they are gathering courage and support from the child.

They are the parents who forget the loneliness in their hearts due to the lack of a life partner and set their eye on the upbringing of their child.

They truly define parenthood - the feeling of being the shady tree. Just that in this case, the tree stands alone on a barren mountain.

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