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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Java is Mallika Sherawat

Java is like Mallika Sherawat for Computer Engineers. You like her, you dislike her but you can't ignore her. And if you want a programming-related job (such jobs occupy a lion's share in the IT market), you need to love her - literally romance her and put up with her whims and fancies.

I had a love-hate relationship with her - but now, seems like we are getting close. She has begun to like me - I have begun to grow a crush on her. I was talking about Java. Yes, that's another similarity - both are (equally) intriguing.

By the way, Java and Mallika Sherawat, both are looked at as 'objects'. And both don't have a problem with it.

P.S.: For more on Java, refer www.sun.java.com .


  1. hmmm. java and mallika. didnt understand the concept well. but ys, agree to the fact tht one cannot ignore both. also agree to the fact abt love-hate relation, "hate to see wth parents" but love to see whn alone.

  2. nice one dude. and thanks for the kind words on my post.

  3. mere dost...logoko galat linx mat diya kar,,,:p

    its http://java.sun.com or http://java.com

  4. certain dissimilarities r as follows:
    Java is for Classes Mallika is for Masses

    Java provides for information hiding Mallika provides no such facility..infact quite the contrary

    Java is secure.. at the rate mallika goes kissing arnd.. she aint safe

    java is programmed to work on all platforms
    mallika is programmed to work on all beds!!

  5. Harshad.. u exactly got the intention/ the spirit of the blogpost!!

    Your comments are intelligent and apt too! :) Damn good..