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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Understanding AI Series - #02

Why did a computer, Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov, the human chess Grandmaster? The experts will tell you that Deep Blue (DB) could do so because it could foresee all the options of the next hundred moves and each time the Grandmaster played something, DB would again generate the new hundred move possibility.

Is this intelligence? Or mere efficiency? In that case, can I say that DB beat Gary Kasparov just because it was more powerful in terms of resources and computing ability? No.

Predictive reasoning is what DB did - reasoning out one's prediction. This is what astrologers (who are, in my opinion, scientists) do. This is what we the ordinary humans do. This is what Sherlock Homes did. (He started off at an assumption - and came to a conclusion which he thought would make sense.)

Predictive reasoning is intelligence. DB is intelligent.

Question : What are, then, the things that human intelligence can achieve but artificial intelligence cannot?

1 comment:

  1. simplest and common sense non-techie answer :D - AI cannt achieve Emotional Intelligence, which Human can...
    and yes, our brain is made up of thousands of neurons which are massively parallel. and understanding the natural language by human is majorly because of that! NLP is one such area where AI is not much developed!