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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Traffic policeman

Disclaimer: Purely a work of fiction.

On a circular post in the centre of a junction or often on the road itself stands the traffic policeman. He wears khaki trousers and a white full-sleeved shirt properly tucked. His (physical) arms are literally the arms (weapons) he has.

Like a music conductor of a troupe, he uses his arms to orchestrate the traffic on the road.

What comes out as a result is a symphony of sounds - the impatient honking of completely out-of-sync horns, the whooshing and swooshing of cars, the commotion of pedestrians. At the top of them all is a controller sound - the sound of the traffic policeman's whistle!!

Days after days, irrespective of the weather, this music continues all day long. The cars that are the troupe members of this unique music group move - from a junction to the next - from one controller to the other... The maestros at the junctions, in all their glory, are assuming the position that they enjoy and live up to.

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