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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Inner Temple 2

Disclaimer: A narration of a first-hand experience.

I close my eyes. I see darkness. As I continue to stare at it, I hear a humming sound, a sound that seems to resonate through my body. No, I cannot hear it actually. I, in fact, 'experience' the sound with the senses that the conventional sensory organs would not be able to tap.

The humming sound that I experience is in the form of ripples, waves - waves that move up and down and waves that take me along. The feeling is similar to the image that the moon casts on the rippled surface of a lake. I am shaking, moving up and down and at times, sideways.

The motion seems to follow no pattern at all - but yes, I am moving in a breeze of some sort. A breeze whose source is steady yet unknown.

It takes me some time to realize that it is not my body that is moving. There is something unknown within me that is moving with this equally unknown breeze.

My body is not moving. Something within my body is.

I open my eyes at once. This was act one by the God inside me.

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