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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ambitions are light. The light we all want to reach. The light that we see coming from a distance. Ambitions are the red sun which Hanuman wanted to gulp down just after he was born. Ambitions are the eyes of a budding actor looking at a life-size hoarding of Shahrukh Khan.

Ambitions are the source of light that pulls us towards it. And as we get closer, the light becomes sharper. Sharp enough to blind us...

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  1. Ambition is the driving force behind a person who achieves the great. Its the light that pulls you out of the darkness into the light of happiness....with more power than any other invisible element. It's invisible to others but visible to the self. Then what is behind the ambition, is it also invisible and visible to self thru constant effort. If it can be visible then why is it not talked about and claimed to be invisible becoz may be the mind is devoid of its true knowledge. The essence of life is that its alliteration is hard to decipher.