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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Toggles and goggles

Life does not have toggles. I cannot just switch off one thread of thought when I am supposed to be doing something else. I cannot just stop thinking about the new movie or the new person in my friend's life when I am writing this blog here. I wish I could just toggle between thoughts, situations, people. Between my fears and my ambitions.

Life does give us goggles - with tinted glass. These goggles give us the colour through which life wants us to see it. All of us are wearing different coloured goggles - and all of us are seeing a different world.

So what if we don't have toggles to shut off something from our lives? We wear these goggles and the effect of the ill-feelings goes down.

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  1. life has gifted us with so much, the beautiful nature, the beautiful people and so much its innumerable. humans are gifted with a beautiful mind which is capable of doing quite some unimaginable things but at times does this become a bane? when people are confronted with the most vicious hurdles that life gave them will this boon turn out into a bane is definitely a debatable topic. quite some inevitable things go over in mind which is not your control and consequently result in inventions which can be either good or bad. It has to be noted that your boon is meant to be used for inventing boons. May be when one is supposed to enjoy the beauty of life one is also supposed to confront the barriers in life with no apprehension