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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Black or white

Black and white - the elementary colours. There are multiple colour scheme models defined - all of them have the element of black and white in them.

Black is the absence - white is the presence.... is what one believes.

Is black really the absence? The universe is filled with black. And when the sun shines, the black is masked and there is white. So is black the presence?

Is time black or white?

Is God black or white?

Are you black or white?

Is time the presence? Or is time the absence - is time running or is it ticking down?

Is God the presence of the Good in the dark? Or is the devil the presence of the bad in the bright light of God?

The world is indeed black or white.


  1. The universe is exemplary in giving light to the dark and so is human. We cannot describe the unverse as filled with something nor the god, nor can we define the time with colors. color is just the outward appearance what really matters is the inner essence. May be this clarifies most of the confusion here.

  2. Black is absence of White and Dark is absence of Light!!! both need each other to make their presence felt....... Good one :)