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Friday, April 04, 2008

Transition - pitstop - vacuum

Why do I feel disinterested to do things I would love to, till now? Why do I not laze around even after the wakeup alarm dies down? Why do I keep staring at a black spot somewhere in the air?

This is a transition - and I do not know the either end-states.

This is a pitstop - and I do not know what rejuvenation I am going to experience.

This is a vacuum - that has sucked me out of myself.

I see the mirror in my room staring back at me. It's ceased to say anything to me. It's angry with me - for being indecisive and confused.

My mirror's stopped talking to me. I've stopped talking to myself...

1 comment:

  1. Once there is a mirror, such that when you stand in front of it and if you lie or think a lie, you are vanished!
    A beggar stands in front of mirror and says, I am rich! The beggar vanishes
    A terrorist comes in front of mirror and says I love India, he too vanishes
    A Santa comes in front of mirror and says, I think..... before he could say any further, Santa vanishes :P
    I hope you get it....
    a well wisher :)