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Monday, April 28, 2008

Haan hum paanchvi pass se tez hain

Yes yes yes, Shahrukh, we are smarter than 'paanchvi pass'es. Smart enough not to take what is going on in the new game show. We can easily make out that jokes you crack, the faces the contestants make are all staged and rehearsed.

We thought only the celebrity-special episodes in game shows like these are orchestrated - but no! You have created history, gone one step ahead and come up with a show where the questions are dialogues, the answers are dialogues, the reactions are dialogues and it's all one big joke!

The kids are the only saving grace. They are all so cute and effervescent that they are the only reason why I would want to watch this show for more than thirty seconds!

Shahrukh Khan is my favourite actor. But, he and this new show ham big-time!

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