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Friday, April 18, 2008

"My Dad is an ATM Machine"

I came across these lines on a tshirt that was supposed to be young, modern and oh-so-cool. And this funny bloke who carried the tshirt was so proud of these words.

Made me realize how sad the situation has gotten. We look at our parents as ATM machines - people who'll sponsor my parties. I'll show my money off on a date - money that my parents have earned - and at the end, say how they've earned so less and crib about how the 'generation gap' causes me trouble as a youngster in today's times. And a teenager does not think twice before telling the mother who brought him up, "You and dad did not take any risks at all.. I am not going to be like you... I want to earn much more money than what you did..."

In these days when loans are available (within 24hours, without any guaranteer, with easy repayment schemes) at every nook and corner of the city, people have forgotten the word 'debt' - and forgotten the debts we owe to our parents, the people who do much more than just bringing us to the world.

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