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Monday, April 28, 2008

Counter-destiny ** PLEASE READ **

Destiny is for the weak-hearted. What moves the earth and brings about events is will-power. This is something that is called 'counter-destiny' which completely neutralizes the concept of destiny. My concept of Counter-destiny empowers will-power and treats it like a force in the world - strong enough to make a change.

Newton's law says that motion occurs because of an 'external unbalanced force'. This is precisely what brings about an event. An event occurs because of an external unbalanced force of will-power. I want something to happen - somebody else does not. Our will-powers counteract and either of them turns successful.

Weigh this concept against a lot of things and well-established, well-accepted propositions and you'll know that what I'm trying to say actually holds true. The Newton's laws, the chaos theory, the concept of 'think positive - things fall in place then' that our grandmothers have taught us - all lead us to this one point.

We all are collectively framing the present. Destiny does not exist in separate threads for all of us. We are paving the path for ourselves and each other- together.

We all are writing the history and the future of the world. With our will-power. That is why they say that God lies within all of us. Because all of us possess the power to influence, change and bring about transformation in the world.


  1. yes, sure worth reading :)
    can we call it co-destiny?
    instead of counter as we r collectively part of a big cause [ unknown ]

  2. true, we carve our destiny, we decide the density of our relations, we decide the propensity... we decide the intensity, and the immensity.

    its about us.

  3. well said...but just to give u a different taint to the anecdote when we become masters of our destiny it leads to the rise of the Ego at that stage man cannot differentiate between what is right and wrong....at such stage we realise and agree that there seems to be a force which guides us to show the true path which is what makes us human :)....

    hope this rejuvenates the reading after a long hiatus :P