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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Personal and Professional

My final year engineering project was an email software that segregates emails on the basis of their content into different folders - so an email from your girlfriend goes to the 'personal' folder and the one about the new on-site assignment is moved to the 'professional' folder.

Like many other things in the virtual space, this is so convenient. But isn't as easy in the real world. We struggle hard to juggle between the emotions and the pay package - we try hard to keep our personal and professional lives different.

But it is not rare that a bad day at college ends up spoiling a movie date I had planned with a couple of school friends. And most of us find time to move our hands across our mom's photographs placed on a side of our worktable taking a five minutes break from work.

It is really not easy to compartmentalize our lives like that - the sad part is that most of us claim to be 'very particular about that.' That's hypocrisy, isn't it?!

And the less lucky of us are the ones when the compartment that we try to make has a duct that connects the two. A relative at the workplace. It can contaminate both - for both of us.

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  1. Hey I agree with you. I haven't met anyone who could separate his personal and professional lives.