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Thursday, April 10, 2008


You do something once - and then you do something again and again. It grows as a part of a regular activity - something that people call a habit.

Habits are activities, habits are the objects around me, habits are the people.

And the most painful phase comes when you know you have to get rid of a habit. And when the habit is very much a part of your life.

Life and living in the body we are in is a habit too. And one day, we have to get rid of this habit as well...

On the lines of 'Promises are meant to be broken', habits are meant to be gotten rid of...

1 comment:

  1. Habits can be categorized into good and bad so are people. It makes sense to call people as habits but what about promises..can promises be good and bad too?...are promises really meant to broken and habits too? if they are really meant to be broken they why are they made in the first place...

    Back in the day the conception was something else, promises were not meant to be broken and there were people who made and adhered to the promises and as the time passed by people's attitude varied and they began to surrender to situations and gave up the promises. Consequently, this impression fanned out far and wide pushing this whole big conception into wrong direction. Infact promises are meant not to be broken becoz they are meant to be followed whereas habits do not obligate with any action nor does it restrict. Habits differ in this perspective. Habit is a word given to an action to which you are habituated can be either good or bad. There are no obligations here whether you do or not, unlike promises which obligate you.