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Monday, April 14, 2008

Lines of Exclusion

We love to keep things away from others. As a child, all of us have memories of how we warned our kid bro not to touch the new toy car that was given to us by a relative from the US. "You are too young for it", we justify.
And we come across many such lines of exclusion that are hurled at us. We tend to forget the ones we hurt the other person with. "You don't understand me at all.", "you stay out of this ok!"

These lines that we throw at others often prove to be the lines of separation between our hearts. And every friend lost, means a reason less to live.


  1. are blogs also supposed to be excluded eh?

  2. Its at that time of life when one doesn't have the comprehension of keeping up a relation with the dear ones does one tends to push them away , totally biased into themselves, thats the age factor which holds the key portfolio of ones intentions if not properly monitored tends to bing the kids thoughts chiefly concerned towards themselves and their advantage to the exclusion of others. This is where the element of exclusion unveils into their world. However as the time passes by kids grow up their minds grow up which narrows down the width of the line of exclusion helping them as well as the others to come closer crossing this line into the direction of long-lasting relation making life worthier each and every moment than it happened to be.