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Friday, April 18, 2008

Loudspeakers, synthesizers and recorders

No, I am no authority in music. In fact, I believe no one is - in any field whatsoever.

The three words that I've put in the title of this blog-post are in fact three categories of people. Three patterns of behaviour that I observe in most of us.

Some of us are loudspeakers. We cannot keep a secret. Every time we hear a whisper in our ear, we want to tell the world about it. And we describe ourselves as being 'transparent', 'open' and 'innocent'. Loudspeakers are loud; and when you blurt out something that is personal to someone else, it can surely hurt.

Some of us are synthesizers. We generate 'facts', spice up what we've heard and do what is infamously called, gossip. This is the most common pattern among the three here - and we cover it up by saying that gossiping is a very human trait. (By the way, I do not agree with the fact that members of a particular gender are synthesizers. The trait of 'synthesizing' facts is .. well, yes, human and not limited to any particular gender.)

And many of us are recorders. We hear, we remember. And we remember for long. And one day, play it back. We carry the words in our hearts, feel sad about them - and give vent to the pent-up discontent one not-so-fine day. Recorders are the ones who have the maximum overhead - for they carry silently in their hearts, a lot of hatred and pain. The hurt the recorders cause to themselves by brooding is more than what they do to others when they play back the reasons.

And there are 2-in-1s and 3-in-1s too. A combination of either of the above three.

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