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Friday, April 25, 2008

Parting words

Today was the last day of college - I mean, the whole of engineering course. People in my class cried (while I watched with my jaws dropped!) I want to cry too - tears betray me!! :) I just don't feel like.

But, now I've decided... I am going to write a really really senti post.. u know, I miss you miss you all... I am actually surprised at how insensitive I've gotten. Tell you what.. I've cried like there's no tommorrow while watching KABHI KHUSHI KABHIE GHAM!... with an emotional quotient like that, i must be shedding tears from my ears and nose too! But, I'm totally ... blank!

I was busy juggling my journals (hey!! that's an alliteration..) all day - and had no time to think that these guys n gals are not going to be with me now. Yaa, I had gotten pop corn for Priyanka - becos the first day of college, we had eaten pop corn together...

this was closest to being nostalgic (abt the fouryears gone bye) that i cud get... yawn, i m sleeping.. i really cannot bring myself to crying or feeling anything close to emotional..

this is easily the most pathetic blogpost here..

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