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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Agreement with reality

Often, we are dissatisfied with what we have. A pilot wants to have a 'stable' job. A software engineer wants to do something more exciting. A news reporter is fed up of the state of affairs. A politician... let's not get into that.

All of us are haunted by this feeling of discontent. About the things we do, our relationships with people and the people we love. This discontent, the feeling of incompleteness can take two forms - frustration or hope. Frustration emits negativities and they slowly evolve and dissolve into our attitude and vision of looking at things. Hope does the same - just that the effect it has is positive and miraculous.

We all enter ... have to enter into an agreement with reality. We all have to accept the truth as it is. The difference lies in who decides the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The frustrated variety let the situations decide, the ones with the light of hope decide it for themselves.

We need to decide how we need to agree and accept the reality - go down on our knees and succumb to adverse situations - or look at reality in the eye and be the one who decides.

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  1. too good man,

    very nicely elaborated thought...

    keep thinking ...