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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My first day at school

This isn't an imaginary piece of work. It is, what they call, reconstructed. I don't remember anything about my first day to school - and what I write is based on the descriptions given to me.

I was two years old ... yes two years old when I was admitted to Vidya Niketan. The Principal had agreed to admit me into the school despite being underage. Huh, I speak as if I'm 40 now... I still am underage to do a lot of things. That's another issue altogether...

The night before the first day, I was crying. Stamping my feet on the floor and screaming, "I don't want to go!" A lot of relatives and neighbours walked in to help my parents(uggh, hate to admit it, i was a problem child... hell! i still am!!) .

I was put to sleep after being told that I didn't have to go to the school next day. Aah, I felt so pleasant.

The next day, I was told that we were going for a stroll - and I was made to dress up in a pink shirt, black pant - "Why this?", I must've asked mom. And my smart mother would've made up an excuse.

Then, my mom, dad waited at the bus stop. I looked around... am I so famous that so many people are dressed up just like me?!

And the school bus arrived.... and all hell broke loose. I know it was all a wicked plan. I was cheated - I was going to be put in the school bus. Oh god, what would they do to me in school!? What would I do without mom?! I just wouldn't let go of my mom. The teachers in the bus tried to coax me into getting in - this wasn't unexpected for them.

And I remember, I even pushed one of them away. (She became my favourite later..) At the end, the bus attendant pulled me off, dumped me (aah, harsh word, I know) and locked the door of the bus.

Aah, so filmy... The bus started. I was looking out of the glass of the door, my nose against the surface. Trying to catch a glimpse of mom - screaming at the top of my 3-feet voice. My mom was sobbing away too...

That was the day..... :) Aaditya went out in the open. And now, the same Aaditya wishes to fly higher.

Few months from now, I'd have to go away from mom again - to take up a job or for higher studies.

Will I still look back and look for a glimpse of mom? Yes, I will. Age does not change some things. A mother, her love and a child's attachment for her are some of them.


  1. hi,

    reminds me of my childhood days.Feels as though i meading my story...exactly the same situations.

  2. very well written !!!

    u speak for sooo many of us!

    i wouldn't say, i felt like reading my own story tho,
    coz i loved goin to school.. even on da 1st day! :)