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Monday, May 19, 2008


"I am travelling by train with my parents and there's an earthquake. We get down at a station, take a staircase and we enter a cave. The cave is narrow - me and mom-dad we have to crouch to move around. There is a lady sitting in the corner who asks me not to go further. My mom-dad stop. I move ahead. My body shivers for a minute. I turn back. My mom-dad are moving away. I try to scream and ask them to stay back. But my voice is choked. I try to speak but in vain.

Then, I begin clapping. My mom-dad turn around. Whew, I'm so smart, I think. Just then, with them my neighbour appears. She says, "Hey Navin (her son), I have been looking for you for quite some time now!" I look at myself - I am not what I am. I look like Navin"

I saw this last night. And tells me what a mixture of thoughts our mind can bear, interprete and reflect. Here I try to draw threads out of this incident -
  • Read in the newspaper about the earthquake in China. Read this writeup where a group of people were trapped in a cave - and they had to eat cigarettes and drink their own urine to stay alive.
  • My favourite TV soap 'Asambhav' currently speaks about 'swapping bodies' - where the evil lady swaps her body with people.
  • I am travelling away from my parents for a couple of days for higher education- so there is some fear involved.
  • My neighbour and Navin are sincerely hoping that I don't need to go away - and that I get admission somewhere close by.

Just like a computer would, the human mind puts together its experiences and fears - and comes up with things like these!

Astounding, isn't it?!

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