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Monday, May 26, 2008


=== I clicked the snap that you see here. Saw the chameleon perched on a tree - ran with the camera outside and was clicking for almost fifteen minutes until mom said I had given enough attention to it ===

Chameleon has been something that has fascinated me. Not that I have seen two many chameleons in my life - I mean the real ones. The chameleons in the bodies of humans - there have been too many of them.

There are two ways of looking at chameleons -
  • As animals who adapt to their surroundings in the battle of survival.
  • As animals who camouflage themselves to raise their potential chances to attack.
We look at chameleons through either of these perspectives - and the judgment we are likely to form differs greatly.

I like to believe they are good - but when this chameleon I clicked gulped down a tiny fly, I had to rethink...

And I changed sides - the way chameleon does!


  1. Survival baby, thats what darwin said right?

  2. Its attacking is also merely a way of survival! Long live the chamaleon