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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Stains

Disclaimer - Random original ideas. Some ideas are fictitious. The ones here are.

She trembled. She looked at the stains. Her palms began to sweat. She tore a piece of paper from her notebook and rubbed them hard. Her eyelashes had ceased to move - she rubbed them as hard as she could. But they wouldn't go.

She went to the bathroom, stood on her toes. She turned the tap and stretched her arms, cupped her hands .

She poured few droplets of water over the stains. She pulled out an edge of the bedsheet and rubbed it hard over the stains. Finally, she wiped her hands with her frock and gave up.

She was scared the entire day. She knew her mom would come back and notice them. She knew she was in for some real scolding.

She had dropped a bottle of oil paint on the brand new carpet. She was so worried now...

She decided she would call Mom and tell her. She dialled the number and said, "Mom, are you busy at office?... Actually, I wanted to tell you something mom... can I paint the new carpet please?.... I have my colours... yes, the ones I got for my drawing classes.. no Mom, they are.... "

Her mother let her do it. Not that her mother hadn't guessed what the real reason was, but her mother knew it was fine.

The little girl was very happy and painted the carpet with a variety of colours.

Her mother got it framed and it adorns the wall of her drawing room now - her daughter's first art-work.

... We often worry about the stains, the problems in our lives. Many times, these stains can be used to make our lives more prosperous and happier.

If you can't wipe these problems off, perhaps they could turn into something you and the people around you would be proud of!!


  1. Facing your problems with an open mind is the only way of solving them....

    What seems to be mere darkness to the sighted is a world of colours for the blinds....

    All that matters is from whose perspective do u see it....!!!

    nice post Aadi.... :)

  2. The fact that many of the solutions are within the problem itself is what many of us don't understand.

    Using the problems as a stepping stones is what is required. One should not get disappointed by failure.