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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Synapses are connections between neurons of the brain cells through which "information" flows from one neuron to another.
Ref: mind.ilstu.edu

Synapses are basically the connections in the brain that pass information help us take decisions. These decisions could be as simple as motor movements or as complicated as suicidal inclination.

Synapses fascinate me. They are the most intricate form of algorithms - which possibly no computer engineer will be able to develop.

For example, simple interest calculation involves principle amount, number of years and rate of interest and a simple formula will give you the result.

What about the decisions a human takes? They are dependent on the experiences of the past, the expectations from the future and the capabilities of the present.

And just see how effectively the synapses connect and pass signals to each other to arrive at a conclusion!!

When I see a dog coming towards me, I remember the day I was bitten by one - and I decide to flee from the spot. All this is so instantaneous and quick - and all this goes on within the human mind.

... and tell you something...

there exist some invisible synapses that connect brains of two people. That's why when I look at my mother, she knows what's on my mind.

Synapses of the human brain are so incomprehensible - the synapses that connect people... are beyond their brains. Literally.

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  1. good turn aadi

    from human biology to phylosophy...

    I liked that invisible synapse part