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Monday, May 26, 2008

Brown moths and black moths

I vaguely remember this case that we studied way back in school. It was about some country in Europe where there were two varieties of moths - the brown ones and the black ones.

The brown ones would sit on the bark of trees and be the perfect camouflage. The black moths were decreasing in number rapidly.

Industrial revolution happened - pollution levels increased, the tree trunks started becoming darker due to the soot.

The brown ones were now visible - the black moths could mix with the colours around them. The brown ones faced extinction...

Often in situations like these, we say it's all God's will...

God lies in every living creature of this earth. We, not just the humans, are bringing about every change that's happening.

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  1. you still remember this

    how much u study man????

    anyway gr8 conclusion