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Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost in the smoke

I see people. Their lips pout and I see smoke. Their eyes are near-dead out of the ecstasy they are experiencing. Some of them cannot even keep their heads straight. They are all huddled up in a corner, all they are doing is leaning against one another.

I don't quite see their faces. I doubt if they see each others' too in all that smoke around them. But they couldn't care less, I know.

The smoke spreads . It consumes as it spreads.

Amidst the smoke, I see the eyes again. In a bliss no mortal would be able to attain. Transfixed at a point in the room I cannot see.

They are lost in the smoke - they cannot see. The joys that life can bring to them. The relationships that they need to value. The bliss their bodies are experiencing has faded out the purity of their souls.

They continue to go deeper. The lips pout again and more smoke follows...


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