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Friday, May 16, 2008

Strength of a woman - Series 03

(On a personal note, the fact that I am writing this is a brave thing to be doing. But I am not brave enough to tell you why.)

Disclaimer: The story here is NOT a piece of fiction. It is as real as the sun and the stars.

She was the youngest daughter-in-law of an opulent household. She delivered a baby girl third time over. It was India of 1948 and this meant a big deal. Her in-laws stopped talking to her. She was excluded from prayers and family functions. She was denied permission to enter the family temple.

She was considered an outcast - a lady who could not be a good daughter-in-law for she could not give the family a boy. A boy who would carry their name.

Her husband was even suggested to remarry. He stood by his wife he loved dearly.

She started helping her husband with the affairs of the granary he owned. There was hope when she was expecting the fourth time.

It was a girl again.

The humiliation and spiteful behaviour from the in-laws continued and they had to leave the house. The two of them settled far away from where their family lived - their daughters were sent to school where they were the only female students.

She raised her daughters the best way as she could.

And one day, she got to know that her in-laws were in trouble. They had suffered major losses in their business. She knew it was time to go back..

Her husband was, however, adamant. He knew he did not want to go back. But she managed to convince him.

The family that looked down on her accepted her and were grateful that she helped the collapsed household revive again.

And she had long forgiven them and forgotten that she was kept away from the family temple.

She prayed there till her last breath - for the well-being of her family.

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  1. o yes there were women like that, or women were like that...