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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Asambhav - A Rapid Recap

There is an older post that describes Asambhav, a Marathi serial that in a way breaks the traditions. Asambhav is my favourite, for the fact it is different.

The way the mystery has been built up is one-of-its-kind. Here are some highlights from the beginning...

  • Adinath and Sulekha are about to get engaged. During the engagement, Prathamesh, Adinath's nephew who is mute attacks Sulekha. Everyone wonders why.
  • Adinath goes to Vasai where he meets Shubhra. She is about to get married to someone. Adinath marries her and gets her home.
  • Everyone is shell-shocked, Adinath's Dinanath ajoba isn't. Because Shubhra closely resembles Parvati Aaji - the lady of the house who went missing several decades ago.
  • Shubhra has a mark on her hand that keeps aching.
  • Nikhil, Adinath's cousin is Sulekha's friend and is supportive of her. Adinath and the entire family are guilty for what they did to Sulekha.
  • Sulekha gets her mother thrown into an asylum. The mother is talking about how Sulekha killed her childhood friend, Manisha.
  • Shubhra sees visions of Nikhil's death.
  • Nikhil happens to read Sulekha's diary - and before he can reveal anything, Sulekha kills him.
  • Shubhra who is shocked consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Samant and then a hypnotism expert, Dr. Joshi. She begins to see images of Parvati Aaji. She now knows that she is Parvati Aaji reborn as Shubhra.
  • Sulekha, parallely, has gotten in touch with Tanishka - a lady who offers to help her into learning the secret knowledge of the mind.
  • Priya, Adinath's sister has been consistently suspicious of Sulekha. She plants Kshipra, her friend to find out.
  • Kshipra finds out, but Sulekha kills her too.
  • Sulekha learns how to leave her own body and enter somebody else's. And she does it several times to Shubhra - who is clueless about what's happening.
  • Baalkaka, Nikhil's dad, also tries to find Sulekha's diary which is at Abhiman, her fiance's place. But he is killed by Abhiman.
  • Abhiman hasn't spoken since. He is shocked about something. People feel there's something more to it...
  • Sulekha has gone missing.
  • Tanishka is being interrogated.
  • Shubhra had already gotten clues about Baalkaka's murder. She knew something adverse was about to happen.
What happens next? We all have our eyes set...

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  1. अरे ती.. सुलेखाची डायरी नाही.. निखिलची डायरी आहे.. विसरलास का?

    - Mum de deux filous méchants)