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Friday, May 09, 2008

Uttarayan and Evdhese Aabhal

Uttarayan is the story of two friends who meet after several years. Both of them have undergone tribulations in their lives - and now, when he meets Kusumavati, the love of his youth, the heart that has gone frail receives some kind of rejuvenation. There begins the journey of an unparalleled companionship.

Uttarayan is lyrical, poetic and yet has a strong realistic current of emotions. Neena Kulkarni and Shivaji Satam emote beautifully - especially in the scene where he confesses his love for her. The music complements the mood of the film.

From the makers of Uttarayan comes 'Evdhese Aabhal'. 'Evdhese Aabhal' on the other hand is not as lyrical. It talks about torn relationships and about a boy caught between divorced parents. The parents have divorced and moved on - married again. The boy is unable to understand why his dad sleeps in the 'new aunty's room.

How he learns to accept the reality forms the crux of the story. But what the movie lacks is the ability to strike a chord. Shakoon (the mother)'s behaviour with the kid after her second marriage is rather hostile and seems incorrect.

The scale of the movie is huge for a Marathi movie. The movie takes you from Pune to Rajasthan and Kolkata. While the performances are first-rate, what puts one off is the climax where the child gives up all that he liked while he was with his parents and takes up new hobbies. One wonders what the director wanted to convey.

'Uttarayan' is a musical journey -'Evdhese Aabhal' is a partially realistic, half-baked story about a broken family.


  1. Pease go through "Durgi" by Jaywant Dalvi.
    Lovely novel..."Uttarayan' is based on this fiction...
    Orginal is bettr than "image"..

  2. arey mala te avdhese aabhal song kuthe milel download sathi?