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Friday, May 30, 2008

Inner Temple

Disclaimer: What I describe here, is real. How I describe it, is the way you like it

I close my eyes; I see darkness whose depths I would never be able to fathom. I continue to stare at the darkness. I see two horizontal lines that run parallel to one another. And that continue to move sideways.

I slowly get the feeling that I can control these lines. That I can control their movement, change their colour. The lines begin to alternate between two colours- red and green. The colours don't appear directly. They soon begin to flow out of these lines to the surroundings.

And the colours fill the darkness that prevailed under my eyes. Yes, now I see light. Pure white. No lines, not a movement. Light that breaks from a point and reaches my eyes in a thousand particles.

I just visited the inner temple that possesses the power to give me a blissful experience. We all have it within us. Try it...

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  1. good elaboration of experience aditya :)