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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Tiny Shiny chocolate wrapper

I turn it by the corners and it opens. A globular chunk of joy appears before me. It is a chocolate. I gulp it down and smile as it melts across my mouth. The brown tinge appears on my tongue and the sweetness begins to spread. From my mouth to the senses, to the heart. My tongue moves it sideways, it grows smaller. And after some time, the tongue stops moving. I have eaten the chocolate.

And there lies on the plate - the tiny shiny chocolate wrapper. It protected the chocolate that you've just eaten. And this wrapper is now going to the dust-bin.

The wrapper attracted us to the chocolate - the wrapper guarded the chocolate - the wrapper was crumbled after the chocolate was out.

Because the wrapper wasn't of any use now.

We do this often with people too, don't we?!


  1. too sensitive and emotional and too good man

    I never thought of it. ya very true that we are really really self centered, we often have strategy of use and through, today people only interested in "what is there for me in it"

    all about human nature, we cant help it

  2. I really appreciate d way u write... do keep up ur good work..
    But here, i see ur "wrapper" as d external appearence of a person wch no more becomes important once u ve know d person 4m within.. ie "the chocolate". hence it is thrown.
    Dairy milk given in any wrapper remains dairymilk.
    For me d chocolate is the person n wrapper is only a paper cover..
    It totally depends on how one looks at things..! :)