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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Brain drain

The attraction for the West has been a part of the typical Indian mindset for generations now. While the youth of the pre-independence period had a Gandhiji to ask them to give up foreign-made cloth ('videshi kapda' was the term used.), the youth of today have numerous counsellors who guide them about the universities abroad. And the charges of these counsellors run into figures greater than 15K.

'Brain drain' is the phenomenon of motion of intellectual talent from a country. In my opinion, there is no brain drain in India at all if this is the definition to be considered.

My country India will not be sad if her people leave her to work abroad. She would be proud - since even if the brain drains out, their hearts would still be with their homeland.

What my country India abhors is the attitude of some of them - who study in Indian schools and colleges and who move to out to some place abroad and look down upon her. And who later speak at conferences about the 'causes of Indian poverty' - without trying to do anything about it.

And my country gives up on them. If a person does not feel anything for the country he was born in, it is his loss. Definitely not the country's.

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