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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Different - A Poem

I am writing a poem after a long time. I had written this poem long back. But I just lost the paper somewhere. But thoughts, they are captured in the mind .

The human mind is amazing. We look at the ant and see that it's so tiny - ever wondered what the ant must be feeling when it looks at you? Ever wondered what a magnificent sight it must be for the Sun as it sees the entire world every day!!

The poem is addressed to my mom and coincidentally it is her birthday today...

I looked at the stars
throughout the night
I was scared of the dark
When you were out of sight
Mom, I am different.

I never played in mud
never liked my hands dirty
And I had colour pencils
more than atleast a thirty..
Mom, I am different.

Why I played with words,
Why I stayed alone,
Why I liked to dance,
Why I simply loved purple,
Mom, I am different.

I looked into your eyes
There was something I had
deep in my heart, hidden
That I wanted to tell you..
But couldn't.
Mom, I am different.

I have always wanted to tell you,
I am different,
and I don't need a poem to say
what I have to..
But I will..
I am different!

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